Lunch Break


I heartily support lunch breaks and I am not alone. Raise your hands if you think of lunch as a highlight in your day! In this photo, our party has pulled the canoes off the Brule River in northwestern Wisconsin to enjoy a repast of cheese and crackers, peaches and candy bars. Lunch on a river is almost never sandwiches, and almost always something that can get tossed about in a rucksack, perhaps finding itself under the sunblock tube or a camera. All washed down with water. We don’t carry cans on the pristine Brule. Through the river’s clear waters, we see enough discarded aluminum cans lodged on its sandy bed. Glass containers are not allowed.

This lunch site, a favorite of ours, is on the upper Brule, south of Hwy 2. It’s on private land and the benevolent owners have never posted no trespassing signs. We are extremely careful to pick up every last crumb before we leave. Other picnickers on the site are equally meticulous, since we never see any evidence of past lunches– only flattened grass.

The site overlooks a little rapids, which roars louder and looks rougher than it actually is. Still, it gives us a thrill each time we run it. Our family calls this stretch of water whitewater “Woman/Cooler Falls”, a designation that is Leaf short-hand for an incident that we witnessed on the rapids, but I’m not going to tell the story here. Let’s just say the the image of a red and white Coleman cooler bobbing downstream is indelibly inscribed on my mind.


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